illustration of the speakers for The Mystery of Consciousness event

The Mystery of Consciousness

Join the world’s leading philosophers of mind for an evening of lively debate and discussion.

Guest Update: Unfortunately due to contact with COVID-19 Rowan Williams will not be able to join us in person. However, we are working on a technical solution for him to join us virtually from his home via video link. If you have any queries please feel free to email the box office ([email protected]).

‘How is it, exactly, that the brain’s 86 billion neurons give rise to conscious experience? As we’ll see, our answer to this question will not only shape our understanding of the human mind, but the fabric of reality itself.’ – Jack Symes

There is nothing more familiar to us than our conscious experience. However, understanding the origin and nature of consciousness might well be the greatest scientific challenge of our time.

Join some of the world’s most influential philosophers and scientists for an evening of lively debate and discussion on the mystery of consciousness.

Hosted by the team behind The Panpsycast, this event will feature Olly Marley in conversation with Rowan Williams, Jack Symes, Anil Seth, Laura Gow and Philip Goff. ‘The Mystery of Consciousness’ will also include an audience Q&A, live music, and author meet-and-greets.

Tickets: £12 (£8 Concessions) + booking fee

(The concessionary rate applies to all students, teachers, over 65’s, under 25’s, and people in receipt of universal credit or job seekers allowance.)