images of the 2022 SotA showcase students and staff performing

School of the Arts Show


Standard: £4.00
Concession: £3.00

Booking fee applies

Join the University of Liverpool School of the Arts for an evening of live and multimedia performance incorporating live music, readings, reflections, audio/visual illustrations and immersive experiences.

The School of the Arts Show offers an opportunity to celebrate some of the most interesting, inspiring and provocative work produced by undergraduate and postgraduate students across the Departments of English, Music, Philosophy, and Communication & Media, the Liverpool School of Architecture, and associated student groups and societies.

The show will last approximately 90 minutes.


A booking fee of 8% will apply to purchases made by telephone or online.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Pranav Makhijani

Pranav Makhijani Composer

Pranav Makhijani is a Composer for Films&TV and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). He got a call from West Hollywood last year in September for a Film Festival Movie to be released across the States and is still working on it. A chance encounter with the music of John Williams at the age of twelve led him to get inspiration from great film composers and work towards film music and composition. He is also an Orchestrator and Arranger and has voluntarily provided his skills to the University of Liverpool Symphony Orchestra. He is on the Liverpool University Music Society (LUMS) Committee. Pranav Makhijani holds a Certificate in Higher Education in Music. He also achieved a 3rd position in the International Competition for Composers held in Russia which laid the groundwork for a journey marked by creativity, dedication, and a deep understanding of the craft. Currently pursuing a BA in Music and Popular Music at the University of Liverpool, he continues to refine his musical prowess and expand his horizons.

Tavia Panton

Tavia Panton Artist

Tavia Panton is a postgraduate student at the University of Liverpool, reading for an MRes in English. A multi-disciplinary artist, and educator with a focus on racial equality. Tavia's writing explores cultural experiences that she has struggled to find in literature whilst she was growing up. Tavia enjoys tales of black joy in which problems are trivial and happiness is abundant. Her stories are a place of freedom to imaginatively make sense of the world.

Chandana Bhemraj

Chandana Bhemraj Artist

As an artist, I derive inspiration and happiness from the complex world of doodling, especially from drawing Mandalas and Zentangles. I had no idea that my artistic journey would take me from simple drawings to the captivating world of doodling. I have been fascinated by the act of doodling since I was a young child. It is a form of art that often comes to me naturally and makes me very happy. On February 18, 2019, I doodled my first drawing, "The Doodled moon," during a placement training session. My peers' encouraging words and supportive comments stoked my enthusiasm for this medium and inspired me to investigate the beauty of Zentangles and Mandala drawings.

Stephen Doherty

Stephen Doherty Artist

Stephen Doherty is a versatile contemporary artist inspired by 1800s printmaking across Europe , particularly the archetypal conception of these images and the deep symbolism that resonates from them in modern day. With roots in London, Stephen Doherty showcases a unique blend of mediums and techniques, from utilising modern utensils such as an iPad and apple pen to original German printing presses. Stephen Doherty's work is usually full of emotional depth and colour, but in this project he challenges his own norms and invites contemplation through the contrasting black and white of his characters. After achieving the London Oratory art award he remains reliant on constant inspiration and is committed to finding the ‘new’ and reimagined’ everyday. As Stephen Doherty continues to innovate and inspire, he aims to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art landscape.

Zhao Yutong

Yutong Zhao Performer

During times of confusion, we all seek solace, and this song, penned by Robin and Wang during their own moments of uncertainty, resonates deeply with that sentiment. We invite you to experience Robin’s live performance.

Min Eung Kim 1 1

Min Eung Kim Dancer

I have been teaching myself Kpop dances for around 4 years now and to this day I do it to test my willpower and determination in the face of difficult challenges. There is nothing like the feeling of overcoming a difficult choreography and spending hours sweating, contemplating and researching ways to learn it. The stress and exhilaration that come with facing the unknown each time I try and learn a new routine is something that I take great pride in since I always love to prove myself wrong whenever I feel like I can't do something. Dancing has let me understand more about the kind of limitless potential that I have and the kind of work it takes to fully utilize my abilities. It helped me realize that talented people did not get to where they are by doing nothing and that I too can achieve similar heights so long as I maintained focus and was willing to put in the work. Therefore, I am putting myself forward for this nomination as a further challenge to show myself that I can face discomfort and challenges to achieve the things that I want. How I have practised and trained hard enough to proudly showcase my skills on a stage just like I had the first time I nominated myself for the School of the Arts Show. That way, once I graduate and go beyond the University of Liverpool, I can safely say that I have done everything I can to make my time as a student here worth it.


Ad Break Music Group

Ad Break are a collective of friends (Tom Porter, Rory Drain, Arthur Strachan) and musicians from the University of Liverpool. Their repertoire spans from danceable break beats to atmospheric grooves, filled with spontaneity and improvisation. Influences include; Joshua Redman, Billy Cobham, Azymuth, Kamaal Williams, Their Debut EP ‘Danube’ is set to released this coming spring.

The Drop Jonnies

The Drop Jonnies Band

The Drop Jonnies are a four piece rock / singer songwriter band based in central Liverpool. Since their inception, they have taken inspiration from all ends of the contemporary music spectrum. The Drop Jonnies are known for their insightful lyrics and memorable live shows, which they have crafted and refined over a series of performances in the local music scene. The Drop Jonnies have attained a loyal fan base of music fans, and are an exciting prospect in the future of rock music.

Soraya Verjee

Darcey and Soraya Music Duo

From vintage pop culture and ballad jazz, we are Darcey and Soraya, a vocal and piano duo studying second year music at the University of Liverpool. Our musical covers take an innovative approach to popularised duets, fusing them with our personal interpretations. In our most recent relaxed concert, we performed Happiness is a butterfly’ by Lana Del Rey. We hope to showcase more of our musical style in future performances!


Understudy Band

Understudy is a; Jazz, Neo-soul, and Funk band, comprised of lead female vocals, keys, guitar, bass, drums, and sax. Inspired by Jazz and R&B artists like Ezra Collective, Lianne Le Havas and Erykah Badu. Formed just under two years ago, after meeting at the University of Liverpool. The band’s innovative and funky sound created through their repertoire of popular covers and original songs includes “Change Your Tone”. The group has since established relationships with venues like Frederik’s and Arts Bar Baltic with support from the Liverpool Jazz Society and Monkelamp. Find the band @understudy_official on Instagram.

Megan Dempsey

Megan Dempsey

Megan Dempsey has had a passion for History, Literature and performance from a young age. After being accepted into the University of Liverpool to study English Literature and History, she was determined to go abroad with her degree and was accepted to go onto the School of the Arts Vienna trip. After visiting the Shönbrunn palace, the Belvedere palace and Mozart's home, Megan had many opportunities to make friends with her fellow students. Megan’s contributions to the SOTA's show are an amazing opportunity to showcase the cultural and historical legacy of the Austrian city.


One Fell Swoop

One Fell Swoop is a boutique Liverpool-based marketing and publicity and events agency, working primarily with music, cultural events and the arts.

One Fell Swoop offer a host of marketing, communications and events services - connecting clients with their audiences. One Fell Swoop deliver multi-disciplinary campaigns of all shapes and sizes, offering PR, social media management, content creation, digital advertising, branding, and marketing strategy.


Future Yard

Future Yard is a new Community Music Venue & Sector Skills Hub in Birkenhead Future Yard CIC was established to think about music differently; as a transformative opportunity. Future Yard looks to reimagine a music venue as a learning resource, a space for young people to embark on career pathways within the live music industry.

This is delivered within a working live music venue, programming touring artists from around the world alongside local emerging talent.