Riot Ensemble Dring

Riot Ensemble: Dring Centenary

New Music

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Madeleine Dring Five Bjeteman Songs
Rachel Beja Luna, visione disperata
Lawrence Dunn Evermost true
Madeleine Dring Night Songs
Henri Dutilleux Les Citations
Ess Whiteley Earworms; a spectre
Matthew Burke (insert title here)

The Riot Ensemble continue their residency at the University of Liverpool with a concert celebrating the centenary of British cabaret singer Madeleine Dring. This concert features new arrangements of her works Night Songs and Five Betjeman Songs alongside Henri Dutilleux’s masterwork Les Citations (Oboe, Harpsichord, Percussion and Double Bass). These pieces are paired with new works from Riot Ensemble’s worldwide call for scores (Rachel Beja, S, and Lawrence Dunn) as well as a new work from the University of Liverpool composer Matthew Burke.

The concert will be introduced by Prof Catherine Tackley, a specialist in early UK jazz, who will speak about Dring’s life and output. The University of Liverpool Press’s biography on Dring will be available for purchase at the event.

Part of Musical Futures, an annual series of concerts and events that explore the future of music-making, digital creativity, and new ways to perform, experience and interact with music.

(Image: Matthew Johnson, augmented by AI)