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Q Quartets: New Works

Classical Music

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Seán Doherty The Arctic Violin
Martin Gaughan Snow beautifies everything it touches (world premiere)
Kai Nieminen Dietro delle Maschere; Quartetto per archi numero V (world premiere)
Kalevi Aho Erik Tulindberg, String Quartet no.1 (reconstruction)
Tristan Apperley 12 Tones of Desire (world premiere)
Q Quartets:
Anna Bennett violin
Ben Cartlidge violin
Frederick Jones violin
Tristan Apperley viola
Aaron Butterworth cello

Q Quartets present 5 works at this lunchtime concert. Kai Nieminen’s piece is inspired by the characters and masks of the Commedia dell’Arte; Aho’s rethink of the classical quartet is achieved by his radical reconstruction of the lost second violin part of a quartet by Erik Tulindberg; Martin Gaughan’s is an exquisite rendering of the beauty of snow; Doherty’s is an atmospheric reflection of William Parry’s exposure to Inuit music during his Arctic explorations; and Apperley’s is a reflective and agitated journey through music history.

This concert will last approximately 50 minutes.

Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series.

Please note the programme for this concert differs from what has been advertised in the brochure.

About Q Quartets

Q Quartets is a collective made of University of Liverpool staff and students of between 4 and 7 members who play in combinations of 4. They have played in Liverpool and Edinburgh and, alongside composers like Mozart, Sibelius, and Arvo Pärt, they favour rediscoveries and forgotten composers, such as Maddalena Lombardini (a pupil of Tartini and one of the first women to publish her own music), Hyacinthe Jadin, Erik Tulindberg, and the Earl of Kelly. New music is particularly important for them, and they normally include at least one new work per performance.