Modern Music

FREE, booking required

Join Lazygirl for a celebration of International Women's Day at this lunchtime concert.

Lazygirl resides in a place where smooth melodies and lo-fi production flow in harmony with down-to-earth lyricism about mental illness, feminism and queer identity. A songwriter from a young age, Beth Harris began producing her own music at 17 with the help of a group of female and non-binary artists and producers including Clairo and Sophie Meiers. Now, with over one million streams, Beth has established herself as an artist to watch, becoming one of Liverpool's 'Most Ready' artists through the esteemed LIMF Academy.

"Through saccharine melodies cooked up in a bedroom studio, Lazygirl draws you into her haze of sentimentality." – Bido Lito! Magazine

“Lazygirl’s music feels easy to listen to, like a comforting friend who’s shoulder you can lean back into, while remaining filled with wonder and all the mysticism of memory and the magic of human emotion.” – Where Are The Girlbands?

This lunchtime concert will be followed by a free panel discussion, Amplifying Voices, organised by The University of Liverpool Music Department. Please book your tickets separately here to attend this discussion.

This concert will last approximately 50 minutes.

Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series.