Sarah Chambers Flamenco

Flamenco from Jerez: Campanas de Santiago


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‘Bells of Santiago, Bells of San Miguel...’

At the top of these two legendary and traditional churches of Jerez, the feeling of its neighbourhoods and the heartbeat of its people ring out every day.

Two flamenco neighbourhoods without borders, with unique and charismatic personalities that captivate with their truth, their naturalness, their art.

Santiago and San Miguel! San Miguel and Santiago!

They sing and dance bulerías* with the sound of their bells. Bronze chimes that flutter across the rooftops and slip through the windows of the houses and the hearts of its people.

‘... are two gypsy bells, that wake up my Jerez.’

Andrés Peña

*a boisterous and festive dance

An evening of spectacular flamenco entertainment with some of the finest flamenco performers from the heart of Andalucía – Jerez, Cádiz and Seville.

Espíritu Flamenco will present an evening of traditional flamenco music, song and dance, with dancer and choreographer Andrés Peña, cantaor (singer) Miguel Rosendo and guitarist Miguel Pérez.

These three incredible and award-winning international artists return to perform in Liverpool, with Andrés Peña directing another evening of sensational flamenco inspired by the flamenco tradition of his home city Jerez, taking you into a world about which they are hugely passionate, and it shows!

The performance will last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

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