FIMBA at 25

Football Industries MBA 25th Anniversary

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The English Premier League is considered to be the best football league by most conventional metrics and the professional English football league structure is by far the largest in the world. Hence, English Football eminence across the globe is unrivalled for both quality and size. Sports broadcasting has had profound effects on the beautiful game in England and the impact of Sky Sport in transforming the game has been and continues to be significant.

At this event, Yath Gangakumaran, Commercial Director at Sky Sports, will present on the importance of English football to Sky Sport as a broadcaster and on the impact that Sky Sport has had on football in England. Yath also considers the future of football broadcasting given the current and future advances in technology and the increase in competition.


Doors open: 4.30pm
Event start: 5pm
Event end: 6pm
Networking & Drinks Reception: 6-7pm